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Looking for AFFORDABLE Legal Advice? Don't want to pay excessive hourly Rates?

I am a McKenzie friend with both an Undergraduate and Masters degree in Law and a wealth of legal experience. A McKenzie Friend is a person who provides REASONABLE LEGAL ASSISTANCE. I am here to help you through your legal issue or case no matter what it may be.

SERVICES I OFFER: I offer the following services:

- Advice on court processes
- Assistance with forms and papers
- Answers to legal questions
- Moral Support and presence as an advisor in court hearings


I am not a qualified lawyer (in England) so I cannot ACTUALLY CONDUCT your case for you or on your behalf (Although this may be possible if you are elderly or disabled).


I provide all the assistance for you to handle your case yourself ON ALL TYPES OF LEGAL ISSUES AND DISPUTES and will be there for you from start to finish in exchange for a REASONABLE FEE much less than any solicitor.

Matters I can assist with include but are not limited to:
- Consumer Credit and Debt Issues
- Mortgage Issues
- Landlord and Tenant Issues
- Bankruptcy
- Accident Claims
- Business & Commercial issues
- Contract Disputes


Once we have agreed to the type of help and areas I can help out on, we can then calculate the charges involved. As a rough estimate I charge an immediate up-front fee of £30.00 and for each hour of work I do after this I intend to charge £30 per hour. This is in most cases 25% (a fraction) of the fee that would be charged by the typical solicitor who usually charges in excess of £125 per hour.


I am bound by the rules of confidentiality and I am a registered data controller with an obligation to take care in handling your documents and personal information.

For the very small amounts that I charge you can reach me in confidentiality at all times of day and avoid the waiting times involved with the Citizens Advice Bureau who often get very busy.


Please do get in touch for further information or immediate assistance. I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in all areas of legal matters.

Employment Law Issues:

Employment disputes come under the jurisdiction of the Employment Tribunal as opposed to the actual Courts of England and Wales. Therefore a "layperson" or non-lawyer can represent you in respect of your dispute.

If you have a dispute with your present or previous employer. For example if you believe you have been unfairly dismissed, constructively dismissed or discriminated - I may be able to help you. Please get in touch with me immediately to avoid any delay.

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Mr Ahmed

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