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Our Online Loan is easy to apply for and manage online using Online Banking. If you're an existing Halifax bank account customer for at least 1 month and you're registered for Online Banking, you could get a quote online and could have the money in minutes.

Our Online Loan features.

It takes about 1 minute to get your quote online.
Get your quote with no credit searches.
If you're approved, you could have the money in your Halifax bank account in minutes
No charge if you make additional payments.
Manage your loan online with Online Banking.
FOR LOANS OF £7,500 TO £15,000

Other loan amounts between £1,000 and £25,000 are available at different rates. A decision to offer you a loan is based on your individual circumstances. Loans available from 1 - 7 years.

If you make an early settlement we may charge up to 58 days' interest but no more than £100.
The interest rate is fixed, won't change and is charged for the complete duration of the loan including the period between the start of your loan and your first monthly repayment.
There's no charge to make additional payments.
Repayments will be monthly and by direct debit until your loan is repaid.
If you fail to make your loan repayments we may charge you for our other losses or reasonable costs as a result of you breaking the agreement. We may take any money you owe us from any other accounts you have with us which have a credit balance, including a joint account providing the conditions allow and there are sufficient funds.

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