First Class Learning Maths & English

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At the First Class Learning Leeds Roundhay Study Centre our qualified tutors create individual programmes for your child, using study materials developed by teaching professionals. It is a vibrant learning environment for all ages and abilities. Every student is provided with a flexible and unique plan which follows the National Curriculum. First Class Learning improves confidence and concentration and helps with school assessments and exams.

The First Class Learning Maths programme is designed to equip your child with the fundamental skills required for success in school Mathematics. Using a range of resources, it covers all the essential areas of the school curriculum:

Introduction to Numbers
Addition and Subtraction
Multiplication and Division
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
Shape, Space & Measure
Data Handling
Exam Preparation
Your child will be guided through these Modules in a manner appropriate to his or her needs and learning style. This approach ensures growing confidence and success.

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First Class Learning Ltd

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