Freshlinx Web Design

Markhouse Avenue, London Added on : 09/30/2016, Ad ID: 23171

Freshlinx Web Design have several years experience designing and developing tailor-made web solutions which are built in consultation with clients using the latest web technologies
Having dynamic and regularly updated online content is often overlooked by companies and is extremely important in improving communication of your products, services or ideas to the web users that you are targeting. Freshlinx Web Design offers a range of services and expertise which allow individuals and institutions to easily update pages and upload media with integrated solutions to improve social marketing and networking.

Freshlinx Web Design offers a range of services including logo design, branding, simple homepage design, Facebook page design, Google+ page design, fully-featured Content Management Systems including sites based on Wordpress, e-commerce solutions supporting multiple payment gateways allowing the sale of both physical and digital products. Web services are offered, such as social sharing and social networking integration solutions, Search Engine Optimisation and web analytics. Freshlinx Web Design also provides a number of different web hosting solutions.

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