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Falmouth, Cornwall Added on : 09/30/2016, Ad ID: 23169

We work with small and medium sized businesses.
We’re an established UK-based digital media company; our aim to offer the best products, online services and promotional opportunities for small and medium sized businesses in the UK and around the world. We provide an affordable and personal service and are as ambitious as you are in developing your business and helping it grow. We build websites, create niche online brands, print/manufacture branded merchandise and offer bespoke graphic design services.

Netgems websites are mobile and tablet friendly. That means they work on any device, so your visitors can find your business, however they decide to search.

We’ve worked with businesses and individuals from leading investment management companies; to artists and solo start-ups, to Charities and NGO’s. We approach each new challenge with a passion for business and innovation with your success our priority.

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